Tell me about BundleMe™.

A function of the WorkPlace Market Platform™ tool, BundleMe™ is a high-tech, relative value analytics tool that aggregates massive health care cost data for a very large, credible, random sample population of individuals over a full year. BundleMe then evaluates member benefit costs by reprocessing’ the claims for the population. Results are then compared to more traditional coverage levels over time, and workers can view the relative value of the many Hixme Health Bundles available.
Using BundleMe, decision makers have the assurance of scientifically determined, mathematically accurate comparisons of Hixme’s product values to traditional insurance products. They can elegantly find and compare the best core benefits and wraparound plans for each insured.
BundleMe was collaboratively designed by Hixme and the highly respected actuarial firm Axene Health Partners, LLC, to present credible, detailed, quantifiable comparisons.
For more details, see press release listed in Hixme Think blog. 
#135 R11-30-17