What is Right-Fitting Coverage?

Under the Hixme model, you shop for a tailored Hixme Health Bundle for each of your family members. Unlike traditional group insurance, where you typically buy coverage based on the needs of the family member who requires the most care, you can buy appropriate coverage for each person. We call this Right Fitting Coverage™.

If you need a specific network or coverage level for your spouse, say a low deductible PPO that might be more expensive, but you don't need the same level of coverage for everyone, no problem. Each person can be enrolled in a separate bundle that is right for them. However, IF you choose to enroll family members in separate plans, each plan will have to meet a separate deductible and coinsurance amount. You can however group several family members together into one plan and pay a family deductible for that group. So be sure to take this into consideration in comparing overall costs. If you have questions, call Hixme.