How do I trigger my Hixme Health Bundle™?

Trigger your Hixme Health Bundle to help reduce your deductible and out-of-pocket expenses.
The Hixme Bundle allows you to leverage a lower cost core health plan with additional coverages that you trigger when medical events occur. Your deductible and many other medical costs may be reduced significantly. 

A bundle is designed to reduce your out-of-pocket costs for certain:
•  Inpatient hospital events             •  Prescription drugs
•  Outpatient hospital events          •  Accidents (coverage
•  Primary/Specialty office visits        limited to workers under age 65)

Cash Back Feature - A worker may receive a Smart Shopper Credit in their paycheck, depending on employer contribution structure.
How to Trigger Your Bundle 
STEP 1:    Gather your EOB, bill, and if submitting for Copay Cap* reimbursement, evidence of payment.
STEP 2:    Go to: and log in.
STEP 3:    Select “Trigger My Bundle” option and press “View.”
STEP 4:    Select “Add Bundle Event.” Complete the form and follow the instructions to upload your bill and EOB. Select “Save & Close” button to submit.
STEP 5:    Hixme will confirm receipt and qualify your submission, then contact you with an offer.
Your bundle features may vary. For details on your specific bundle, go to and login. 

* If the bill qualifies for a Copay Cap, no further paperwork or offer acceptance is required. You will receive a reimbursement check by mail. Go to link for a details. 


Doc#40 3-20-18