What's a Hixme Bundle? How do I use it?

The Hixme Bundle puts your health coverage to work for you and each family member, and expands coverage beyond the limits of your traditional stand-alone core health insurance policy. It reduces your deductible and out-of-pocket expenses to give you much better coverage for less money. 
Each Hixme Bundle includes building blocks that perfectly supplement a core health insurance policy to better fit your needs and budget - predictable AND unpredictable. Bundles work by integrating core health plans with a variety of other coverages to help deal with the risk of unexpected medical events.
Hixme Bundles accomplish all this with additional insurances, negotiated discounts on larger remaining balances and interest-free 12-month payroll deduction payment plans. In total the Hixme Bundle reduces the risk of unpredictable health care occurrences in a more affordable package than traditional group coverage.

How do I use my bundle?
To learn how to activate your bundle, go to: How do I trigger my bundle
If you have a hospitalization, a costly diagnostic test, or an accident, once you contact Hixme, this triggers features in the bundle. Depending on the bundle you choose, Hixme will reduce the amount you owe on your bill with a Hixme Discount of 15%. Then we will create a personal payment plan for part of your remaining deductible balance to stretch your obligation over 12 months [Hixme Advance of $500 interest free, repaid via payroll deductions]. Hixme Plus: Hospital and Accident can reduce the remaining balances even further. Additionally Hixme CoPay Cap limits your out-of-pocket (OOP) expenses for in-network primary/specialist doctor visits and prescriptions. 
  • Hixme Discount of 15% off patient balances for hospital and other qualified services over $500.
  • Hixme Advance of $500 interest free funds for 12 months, repaid through payroll deductions, to lower the patient balance. Larger advances can be negotiated at the market rate. 
  • Hixme Copay Cap that limits copays for in-network primary/specialist visits, and prescription drugs. See: 
  • Hixme Hospital Plus reduces remaining balances for qualified in-patient and outpatient hospital costs.
    Note: this coverage is not available if a worker has activated a Health Savings Account [HSA].
  • Hixme Accident Plus reduces remaining balances by additional amounts, depending on the type of qualified accident.
    Note: this coverage is limited to workers under 65. 
  • Cash Back Feature - A worker may receive a Smart Shopper Credit in their paycheck, depending on employer contribution structure.
The Hixme Bundle creates more value from a lower cost medical policy because features are triggered only if you need them, to effectively reduce your deductible and out-of-pocket expenses. 
Go to this link for instructions on how to trigger your bundle
What does the Hixme Bundle mean in the real world?  

Anne selects a Hixme Bundle that gives her the most coverage for her premium dollar. She enrolls in a less expensive medical plan with a higher deductible (like Bronze or Silver) that automatically includes the Hixme Bundle of additional coverages to minimize her overall out-of-pocket costs. Anne pays a lot less per month for her premium. 
Opps! Anne has a medical emergency: enter the Hixme Bundle. She notifies Hixme to trigger the bundle features by sending in the EOB, proof of payment and bills. Hixme will apply additional coverages in the bundle. Then instead of paying the high deductible and medical bills beyond her coverage, she will get an offer from Hixme of an amount reduced by all elements that apply.  

The Hixme Bundle -- a perfect solution for those eager to reduce their spending without reducing their coverage.


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