What is Hixme's WorkPlace Market Platform™ and how is it of value to businesses?

Hixme's WorkPlace Market Platform™ is a technology-enabled group benefit platform for larger employers, providing workers a guided pathway into tailored benefit ownership. The WorkPlace Market Platform frees employers from the burdens and restrictions of traditional benefits, while better supporting their worker's coverage needs.

The platform is built with innovative proprietary software that provides a personalized healthcare coverage solution for each worker and family member across the USA. During enrollment, the WorkPlace Market matches each person with a uniquely constructed Hixme Health Bundle based on zip code and answers to questions about health needs, usage patterns and other interests and concerns. 

The features of the Hixme Health Bundle perfectly supplement a core health plan, reducing the risk of unpredictable health care events in a more affordable and comprehensive package than traditional group coverage. 

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Doc#44b R11-7-17