How do I enroll in Hixme?

Open enrollment for yearly benefits is typically in early November. If you miss the open enrollment window, you cannot enroll until the year's open enrollment period, unless you have a Qualifying Event.

New Hires: If you are a new hire, check with your company for eligibility guidelines. For instance, you might be eligible for coverage the first day of the month following 60 days of employment, and you might be required to enroll within 30 days of your eligibility date.

The choices you make when you first become eligible remain in effect through the plan year, which ends December 31. Coverage and contributions will start on your eligibility date, regardless of when you enroll. 
Enrollment must be done on a computer (not a mobile device),
and will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Before you enroll, do your homework
Your enrollment experience will be smoother if you do the following before you enter the Hixme WorkPlace Market™ platform.
  • Determine how much health care you and your family used last year.
  • Think about your health needs for the coming year, including a list of prescriptions your family currently uses.
  • Make a list of doctors, specialists, hospitals or other health care professionals you prefer to use so you can see what coverage they accept.
If you are eligible to enroll, here’s what you can expect to begin the enrollment process. You will also receive a printed Enrollment Guide that contains Step-by-Step instructions on pages 22-36.
  • Hixme will send you an email or SMS text message with a link to during your Open Enrollment period to get you started. 
  • If you are a new user and haven’t yet created a Hixme account, click the link New User? Sign up here at the bottom of the screen (Image 1 below) which will advance you to the Sign Up page.
  • After filling out the form, click Sign Up at the bottom of the screen (Image 2 below) which will automatically advance you to the Terms and Conditions page. Review and scroll down to accept. You will then advance to the My 2018 Benefits dashboard (Image 3 below).

If you need help, do not have access to a computer,
or need assistance with enrollment, don’t hesitate
to call us!
We can assist you with any questions
and walk you through the enrollment process.

Once you are logged into the Hixme's WorkPlace Market™ platform, our technology will intelligently guide you, based on a few questions and your zip code, to Hixme Health Bundle choices that are best suited to your needs. You will have access to an array of PRIVATE individual health plans currently available in your area. Remember, this employer-sponsored package is personal medical coverage that you now own and can take with you (at your own expense) if you leave your job.

See: What's a Hixme Bundle? video or text.
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