How does Hixme differ from traditional group coverage that I had through my employer?

The difference is - Hixme's WorkPlace Market™ offers you more choice and personal ownership. Coverages available through Hixme are typically more affordable and better suited to your needs as well as being portable so you can take your coverage with you if you leave your job.  

Hixme enables you to purchase health "bundles" based on YOUR personal and family needs, not limited to your employer's traditional choice of plan offerings. (What's a Hixme Bundle?) You and each of your family members choose tailored coverage that you then own. Each family member can have a different bundle, with a different core health plan carrier. Your employer still shares a portion of the cost, but Hixme gives you the freedom to shop for and purchase a combination of health and other valuable benefits that fit your and your family needs.

The core health plans offered by Hixme, while still structured as HMO, EPO, PPO, etc., are individual policies that work somewhat differently than the traditional group plans you had previously. 

In addition, dental and vision coverage for children is an "essential health benefit" under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), so many health plans include children's dental and vision coverage, depending on your state. If included, dependents under 19 are automatically covered by dental benefits that are included in the health plans. 

For more information on bundles, view this video or link to this article
Doc#56 R11-7-17