How does Hixme work?

How does Hixme work?
Hixme's WorkPlace Market Platform is a cool proprietary software that provides a personalized healthcare coverage solution for each worker and family member across the USA. During enrollment, the platform matches each person with a uniquely constructed Hixme Health Bundle based on zip code and answers to questions about health needs, usage patterns, and other interests and concerns.

It's like playing a computer game. Answer some questions with our robust, simple-to-use decision support tools and your options appear. You are empowered to easily select the best bundle to meet your personal needs.​ There is no “one size fits all” - everyone is unique in their healthcare needs. It comes down to this delicate decision matrix: your financial situation, your best guess on how much care you need next year, and your risk profile. If you need extra help, we're here with technology and educational materials combined with phone support.

*See "What is a Hixme Bundle?" video or text.
What does the Hixme Health Bundle mean in the real world?  

Susie selects a Hixme Bundle that gives her the most coverage for her premium dollar. She enrolls in a less expensive medical plan with a higher deductible (like Bronze or Silver) that automatically includes the Hixme Health Bundle of additional safety net coverages to minimize her overall out-of-pocket costs. Susie pays a lot less per month for her premium. 

Opps! Susie has a medical emergency: enter the Hixme Health Bundle. She needs to use the additional safety coverages, instead of paying the high deductible and medical bills beyond her coverage. Susie notifies Hixme to trigger the Bundle features to reduce her financial obligation. She takes advantage of the Hixme Advance of $1,000 interest free to pay off the remaining balance, spread over 12-months as payroll deductions. 

The Hixme Bundle -- a perfect solution for those eager to reduce their spending without reducing their coverage.


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