What are the advantages of Hixme?

Hixme gives you more choice and flexibility in selecting healthcare and other benefits. You are not limited to only one or two plan options (HMO/PPO/HDHP) or a single carrier, chosen by your employer. You have the opportunity to choose from a large variety of plans from various carriers to determine what is right for your specific situation.

Now you can pick for yourself from a broad array of Hixme Health Bundles™.  Each is comprised of essential core coverage with a major local carrier, plus extra features that help protect you against the unexpected.

Another advantage is that traditional group health coverage forces you to choose a single plan for the whole family, regardless of whether family members have very different needs. Hixme enables you select a different plan for each person, making your dollars work harder. This is called Right-Fitting Coverage™.
  • As a result of changes in the health insurance industry with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), in recent years, there has been tremendous growth in the access to individual coverage plans offered by insurance companies.
  • Because these programs compete in an open market, the pricing has been more competitive than the same coverage offered through companies in their group plans, and we believe that this pricing advantage will continue into the foreseeable future.

What is really significant in giving you better coverage at a lower cost is that in addition to healthcare, Hixme has bundled other coverages that allow participants to combine a lower cost plan with gap coverage, claim settlement and gap financing. This is revolutionary and allows you to save money, still have the coverage needed, and avoid overpaying for a plan with features you rarely use.

What’s a bundle? See our video and this article (What's a Bundle and how do I use it) for a more detailed explanation. Bundles integrate medical insurance with gap insurances and monetary features that give you and your family a buffer from the risk of unpredictable health care occurrences. These features create more value from a lower cost plan and are triggered only if you need them, effectively reducing your deductible and out-of-pocket exposures.
Triggers might be a hospitalization, a costly diagnostic test, or an accident. If this happens, depending on the bundle you choose, you could receive an amount toward that incident.

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