What is Hixme?

HIXME is a hybrid fintech, insuretech firm that offers companies a unique, worker driven benefits shopping experience that allows workers to take control of their health care benefits and make guided decisions regarding coverage levels and plans. 

Hixme's ground-breaking WorkPlace Market Platform™ technology provides a unique benefits shopping experience as an alternative to traditional group coverage. With this technology, participating companies have access to the Direct-to-Consumer market with full visibility to the wide array of coverage design options available. This is supported by Hixme's hands-on, high tech, premium quality service approach. 

Our WorkPlace Market proprietary software provides a personalized healthcare coverage solution for each worker and family member across the USA. We enable workers to pick and choose exactly what health care coverage they want and need at the individual worker and family member level.

During enrollment Hixme's platform intelligently recommends and guides users to the best plan tailored to the worker or family member. Each person is matched with a uniquely constructed Hixme Health Bundle based on zip code and answers to specific questions about health needs, usage patterns, and other interests and concerns.

Hixme also helps optimize lower cost core health plans bundled with additional safety net coverages that are triggered only when needed. This provides better, more affordable coverage to meet each person's unique needs (such as Hixme Discount [15% off qualified bill], Hixme Advance [$1,000 interest-free loan], Hospital and Accident Plus benefits and Hixme Copay Cap). See: Hixme Health Bundle video and text. 

Workers will be enrolling in their own private insurance that is part of an employer-sponsored group health plan. The result is that the worker (not the employer) owns the plan, which also means its portable - you can take it with you if you leave your job. 
Doc#46 R11-8-17