What are Preventive or Wellness services?

These services are screenings that focus on evaluating your current health status when you are symptom free. Preventive care allows you to obtain early diagnosis and treatment, to help avoid more serious health problems. These screenings, sometimes called a Wellness benefit, are generally done yearly and are covered before you have to meet your deductible. Take advantage of them annually to stay in your best health.

Your preventive care services may include immunizations, an annual physical, mammograms, prostate exams, colonoscopies, pap smears, lab work and x-rays. During your preventive visit, your doctor will determine what tests or health screenings are right for you based on many factors such as your age, gender, overall health status, personal health history and your current health condition.
  • This isn’t Preventive Care: Medical treatment for specific health conditions, on-going care, lab work or other tests necessary to manage or treat a medical issue or health condition are considered diagnostic care or treatment, not preventive care.
TIP: In order to get your free annual Preventive/Wellness visit, you have to make sure your
doctor codes it correctly. You can generally ask your doctor and insurer whether the service is coded as preventive wellness. This allows you to find out if a service will be covered as preventive care or not.
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