How is Hixme different than a public exchange?

Hixme does not offer subsidies like those offered by Covered California or other ACA government funded public exchanges. We sell a broad range of coverages provided from the largest health insurers in the country on a Direct-to-Consumer basis via our innovative WorkPlace Market Platform.
Think of Hixme more as a private exchange like you’ve never seen before:
  • Only Hixme provides employers, their workers and family members access to the growing national market of more than 2,000 Direct-to-Consumer plans.
  • Only Hixme reduces total benefit costs, as well as employer administrative costs, without forcing workers into inadequate coverage.
  • Only Hixme eliminates unnecessary benefits administration costs and the need for stop loss coverages.
  • Only Hixme allows different family members to choose different benefits or an employer to extend coverage to non-workers without concern. Traditional group health coverage forces you to choose a single plan for the whole family, regardless of whether family members have very different needs. Hixme enables you select a different plan for each person, making your dollars work harder. This is called Right-Fitting Coverage™.
  • Only Hixme offers Health Bundles that wrap on demand safety net coverages around a core health plan to protect participants from unexpected health care costs. 
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#109 11-8-17